My choice of bed and breakfast in Rome

I got more and more often lately, questions about accommodation in Rome. As we were only there once and I stayed in one place, it is hard to say what other options would be equally good. But I will try to put together some tips for booking in general and in particular some recommendations for accommodation in Rome, from friends, hoping to be helpful!

07-freedom-love-bb-3-largeThe first advice that I have is to make your reservation with as much time as before to find something really good, both in terms of conditions and in terms of price. This is true for any large city in Europe and especially for the season (although we found it difficult even in so-called off-season!). Use a booking site like booking – a feature appreciated is that some sites allow you to cancel without penalty fee, it’s better to read the conditions first! We, for example, when I booked the guesthouse through Austria, I discovered only after receiving confirmation that, in addition to the room rate is also paid 30 euros for final cleaning, whether you stay for one day or 10! And that was written small, somewhere down the page. I canceled immediately, of course.

The second trick is to consult an advisor, to take a peek and review sites on booking but not discouraged by the first or take mot-a-mot everything you write on there. We were initially scared when I started reading about all accommodations in Rome and I do not mean just the bed and breakfast in Rome. The world tends to exaggerate and on the positive side and negative side, after everyone’s soul!

Finally confidently use your google maps to see how the street, sometimes even building! So we’ve made and we were sure that the surroundings are ok, moreover, we find ourselves was easier to address! Freedom Love B&B is perfect way to go.

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