Get the best vacation booking rooms in Rome

Where do you accommodate

And here you have hundreds of options to choose from, depending on what you look for and what budget you have available. Hotels in the center are expensive and not necessarily great anyway and if you go to visit the city, not to stay in the hotel, hardly worth giving a lot of money on accommodation.

There are many cheap hotels quite near the Termini but the area is pretty ugly and full of freaks in particular evening. I have stayed at Hotel Saint Paul, about which I wrote before, it is not in the center but it’s very close to a metro station and the quality / price was very good. Booking rooms in Rome may require a bit of extra attention, but if you choose well, it will be one less headache.

Where and what to eat

When you say you think Rome automatically pizza, pasta and ice cream evident. Really they are very good but be careful where you eat because you can have the unpleasant surprise that much vaunted pizza actually be bought from a supermarket cooked, heated and served as the greatest pizza in town.

So much happens at restaurants around landmarks where besides the very high prices, the food is of poor quality. Better remove your sights a little, look for an “osteria” or “trattoria” and see how lowering prices.

A portion of bruschetta costs about 2 euros, a portion of pasta around 8-10 euro and pizza from 9.10 euros paid up.

We must also take into account that for a coffee for example pay a price if you drink standing at the bar and quite another price if you want to stay that every man at the table.

Sometimes, the best means to a good vacation is a b&b, so Freedom Love & Medrea is a good choice.

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